Balanced Approach to a Proven Healthy Diet

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Changing to a macrobiotic diet quickly controlled my out-of-control lymphedema – it was amazing.  Perhaps even more amazing, I transitioned my kids to a largely plant based, whole food diet in just a few months.  I am amazed at how quickly their tastes started to change to like healthful foods.

Whether you are in relative good health or suffering from a chronic health condition, we can all stand to eat in a more healthful manner.  We can all use some help in fitting that into a busy day!  Unfortunately in the U.S.A., so much of what we are taught about food is incorrect and we must all relearn how to eat well in order to optimize health.  Maintaining a light weight with no calorie counting, tons of energy and a clearer mind will come with health.  There is no voodoo or magic fairy dust.  You can do it all by yourself in your own kitchen. 

This site provides information about healthful eating and healthful products (e.g. what to use, what to avoid: bpa, gmo products, carcinogens), and provides recipes for you, no matter where you are in the healthful eating continuum. This site will also have some suggested weekly menus (including some kid-friendly menus) to make it even easier for you and your family to be healthier.  The goal is to make it easier and tastier to eat healthfully so that not only will we eat better, but so will our friends and families.  If you are in the Philadelphia Area we also provide AHF’s Food Delivery Service.

AHF divides the healthful eating world into 4 levels:

  • Level 1 – eating the Modern American Diet (M.A.D.) but making some concessions to healthful eating with an emphasis on the use of organic food wherever possible.
  • Level 2- eating a moderately healthful diet that includes real whole grains (no, I don’t mean fluffy ‘whole wheat’ bread or instant or highly-processed ‘anything’) but still eating some dairy, meat, eggs, sweeteners, processed foods or other unhealthful foods on a regular basis.
  • Level 3 – eating a healthful diet based on approximately 40% organic whole grains, 40%-50% organic vegetables including small amounts of each sea vegetables (good source of vitamin B12) and healthfully prepared organic pickled products (good enzymes), 5%-10% organic beans/legumes including small amounts of organic seeds and nuts, 5% organic fruit, 5% wild caught fish (optional).  These numbers are approximations, but what they do not include is perhaps as important as what they do include.  (All food percentages listed are by weight, not volume so the volume of vegetable dishes is higher since they are lighter.)
  • Level 4 – eating to remedy a serious health condition and accordingly further limiting the Level 3 diet.

There is no fee to use the site, but we do request that you register to occasional receive updates and offers from this site.  All personal information is kept private – none is sold.  To register, please click on “register” on the menu at the bottom of this page.  Please comment to let us know how the recipes, tips and tricks work for you.